Psykoanalyysi (which stands for "psychoanalysis") was formed as a solo-project by the band's current vocalist in 2008 to serve as a channel for his aggression. Back then he released a minute-long demo "Demokratiavaje," consisting of 10 songs. The project was on a hiatus for a while after the debut release, but re-incarnated as a full band in 2010 when the band released the tape-EP "Kusetus" which consisted of 100 songs played in 10 minutes. Since then, the band has released a digital rehearsal recording, and just recently this new EP "Vitutus." As did the rehearsal-EP, "Vitutus" presents longer and (in a way) more serious songs from the band, although the main weight still seems to be on releasing all the aggression that's built inside the band members. The EP will be released as a CD later on, but is already available as a free download on the band's site.

Psykoanalyysi sounds like simplistic and aggressive hardcore punk with many tempo changes and grindcore-styled drumming; or, in other words, it's powerviolence with a bit clearer soundscape than usual. The guitars are fast and especially the newest songs have a really nice drive in them, "Skenepellet" being a wondrous example of this. The songs have a great deal of variation between them, and even though many of them don't have any distinct hooks, or too memorable ones to be more precise, the constant variation in tempos and riffs keeps the EP interesting for a high number of spins - and the same goes for the few just mere seconds long outbursts. The occasional blastbeats by the drums and their overall level of variation makes the EP more interesting as well, although they would benefit from a bit of extra power to stand out better. The bass guitar adds a nice pulse to the EP and helps the guitar sound more powerful. The vocals are pretty high shrieks, and sound rather monotonal and lack edge. They have a lot of aggression, for sure, but would need more grit and spit to add something deeper and more powerful to the songs.

The guitar sound is even a bit too clear when thinking about the riffs' simplisticity, and the drums could be heavier as well to give the songs a stronger backing beat. As of now, the EP sounds just a bit too punk-like to really make a powerful impact, and as-is it highlights the compositions' simplisticity instead of bringing out the songs' high possibilities for powerful dynamics. Songs like this should punch the listener's face in, without a question.

Lyric-wise the release delivers exactly what its name ("vitutus" stands for total irritation) implies; short outbursts about anything the band finds irritating, such as the Finnish politics and politicians, as well as annoying people, activities and phenomena in general. The lyrics do make a point every now and then, but most often they're too humorous and over-the-top to be taken seriously. The band doesn't take themselves too seriously either, as of yet, but the lyrical style fits the band's uncontrolled hostility and high amount of energy. The visual side (the download-file includes a booklet) relies on traditional cut-and-paste punk-aesthetics. It's nothing special, but it fits the release well. Thumbs up for adding all the lyrics to the booklet.

Psykoanalyysi is a promising band, but lacks in the personality that would lift them up from the mass. They seem to know how to create a good drive to the songs and how to create a good amount of variation within and between the songs, but they just didn't raise the bar high enough for this release; maybe waiting a bit longer would've been a good idea. It seems as if the newest songs have the most "bouncy" riffs and the best groove and drive in them, so I can only suspect that the band's next release will be quite a bit better than this one. Recommended for anyone who enjoys a good grind/punk-moshpit.

7+ / 10