DBSS plays highly energetic and brisk punk leaning towards hardcore, with distorted female vocals and a twist of calmer psychedelia. This is the group's second release, the previous one being an EP that's now available as a free download from their homepage. This album was originally supposed to come out as a 10" or 12" vinyl, but due to not finding suitable labels it was published as a high-quality free download instead. The group is currently planning their next recordings. Do note that their future works will be sung in Finnish.

The album surely keeps you on your toes for the whole twenty minutes. Right from the straightforward opener to it's slower and more rhythmic follow-up we're give the basic image of the band; the simplistic riffs rely on their brisk tempo and a good amount of breaks and tempo changes, which are supported by the well-employed drum beats that really make the listener jump around. The slightly lo-fi soundscape supports the music more than well, giving it even more personality and making the riffs sound more original. The songs are so honest and straightforward that they even get some sympathetic values, emphasized by the softening soundscape, and I mean all that only in a good way; the songs may be aggressive, but they deliver warmth.

Although we now have the overall basic image, the band is not as simple to summarize into a short sentence. The most evident examples of this are the tracks "Winter," which has some melodica to provide a melody while the track overall relies on it's relaxed and jamming feel, and the four-minuter "Black Worm." The latter one has no guitars, only some slightly psychedelic and even soothing organs are used alongside some calm jamming with the bass guitar and drums. The very echoed female vocals finalize the track, which doesn't sound as out-of-place one could think at first.

Less can be more. It seems as if the group tried to execute too many ideas within a short amount of time, causing the album to go by too fast; the songs leave a good image, but seem to end way before they've given all that they've got and have really begun to grow on the listener. The album is a surprisingly demanding listening experience due to the songs going by in such a hasty pace, even making it a difficult one to approach despite the listener's desire to get into the music. It all leaves a good impression, but the album plain isn't too memorable due to it seemingly being in a constant hurry.

The album is a very promising one, and shows a band with many original and functioning ideas. As of now, the group's main job should be finding ways to deliver them in a more balanced and effective way, while still retaining the music's high energy level.

7 / 10