Oranssi Pazuzu ("Orange Pazuzu") was formed in 2007 as an eventual result of witnessing an Emperor-gig. They released their debut album "Muukalainen Puhuu" in 2009, and an untitled split with Candy Cane in 2010. The first three songs on this promo are from the debut, and the latter three from the split album.

The band recorded it's debut album live, aside of vocals and some percussions, and it can be heard only in a positive way. The songs progress in a very natural, almost jamming way, and the analogue space synths used in the background highlight the music's "airiness." Even though the band's expression is black metal-based when it comes to the soundscape and the music's overall aesthetical basis, it has such a dose of free-form jamming, psychedelic flow and overall emphasis on the atmospheres that labeling it as black metal wouldn't do justice to anyone. There is some harshness and edge left in the instruments as well as even some heavier parts in the compositions, for example the opener is overall rather aggressive, and the vocals are growling croaks that you could expect from a black metal -band. So, the basis is still there, but the music isn't meant for the puritans.

Whereas the first three songs are more of the jamming and freely breathing vein, the latter three have more emphasis on the harshness and the compositional black metal -elements. The songs still have some psychedelia left but they're overall more concise and follow their compositions more closely, and this time the bass and synths handle most of the jamming. In addition to the groovy bass guitar, the guitars deliver a nice amount of heaviness as well, revealing a more hostile side of the band. The vocals have more distortion as well, although it makes them fit worse to the music. The vocals carry a good amount of emotion, but I'd suggest the band to try out different singing styles in their next rehearsals to see if they could add something extra to their music that way. Otherwise the music is of good quality; I just feel I can't appreciate the tracks to the fullest as they're drawn out of their context, and especially the freely flowing album-tunes would need the whole frame to deliver their whole characted and capabilities.

Reviewing this promo numerically is pretty useless as it is not available for the public nor were the songs originally crafted to be served in this form, but maybe the numbers give you an overall image of the songs' quality. I found the fluffier-sounding album tracks to be more to my liking, as although the songs from the split revealed a whole new level of power and dynamics, I found them to sound less natural. The band needs to work on their approach on the more aggressive and violent tunes. It's good to notice that the band hasn't rooted down since the album, but keep on pushing forward into new territories.

4 / 5