After obtaining the splendid split between Conclude and Kuolema, which I reviewed here, I was left anxiously waiting for more. Although this cover-song EP is closer to a curiosity than an actual new release, it still managed to quelch my thirst for some time. It's also good to notice that Conclude pays homage to their original inspirers - aside of Terveet Kädet, whom they've already covered on their earlier releases.

Conclude plays with similar sounds as on the aforementioned split; somewhat heavy, strong, very distorted and raw, but still clear enough to make out the riffs easily. The damp drums are in the back, and the low and pounding bass guitar could employ more force as well. Keijo's vocals are as odd howls and shouts as ever, and this time they carry a good amount of distortion as well.

There's only so much you can achieve when covering classic songs, but Conclude does a good job in it. The opener is faithful to the original version, but relies more on crude aggression as it isn't capable of achieving the original's dynamics due to their very different soundscapes. "Kirkot Kytee" is not as muddy or pissed of as the original, and leaves a pretty stale impression. It doesn't last for long though, as "Ei Enää Koskaan" delivers so much aggression and unchained chaos that the previous track is instantly forgotten. The rage is not as youthful as in the original tune, but with this amount of chaos I can't be bothered to care. The same pretty much applies to the Uutuus-cover as well; it's different, but still really good. I just wish the vocals had less distortion, as now their howling sounds somewhat one-dimensional and lacks the edge the songs would need. The two songs by Mellakka bring out the riffs and compositions better than the originals, and the pounding bass guitar amplifies their strenghts.

Despite all the good points the EP presents, it's "merely" a teaser release meant for those who already know Conclude. It has a somewhat hasty and muddy soundscape that would need more power, which is especially noticeable when comparing it with the Kuolema-split, and the EP overall doesn't breathe a lot of new life into the covered songs. It's a good "rarity"-type release that I personally found enjoyable, but one that I cannot recommend for the masses. It could've been a lot better. Do note that this one is bound to vanish fast - if you want it, get it now.

7- / 10