The cult-band Lord of Pagathorn has returned from the dead to butcher us all. The band's debut demo war released already in 1994, and after a long period of silence the band has now returned stronger than ever.

The above stands very true, as Msilihporcen is truly mettlesome. It feels as if you were listening to a commercial recording instead of a demo, as the sounds and the mixing are really good. You can truly create wonders in a proper studio!

The fast and blastbeat-driven songs flavoured with shrieking vocals don't present anything new on the field of black metal per se, but one rarely gets to hear so well produced and tightly played played material from a demo-band. Although none of the songs rises above the others, they create a very solid whole. The demo has a good amount of atmosphere as well, provided by its interludes of acoustic guitar plucking and other undefined sounds.

The riffs function and sound good, but in my eyes they represent average quality, and aren't very original either; actually they remind me of Beherit's Engram-album. Still, the musicians certainly accomplish their parts, as pioneers like them should. The vocals leave no room for complaints either, as the shrieking is clear and you can even make out the lyrics.

As a summary, it can be stated that the band's comeback was a great success. This is one of the best demos I've heard in a while, and I'll be amazed if this record doesn't lead to a recording contract. "Fifteen years of silence is over!"

4 / 5