Huoripukki, whom I interviewed here a few months ago, is a Finnish band that plays raw and satanic metal of death. Albeit the band owes a bow to the American, Swedish and Finnish pioneers of death metal for inspiration, it's becoming increasingly clear that the band has something of their own to offer instead of mere icon-worship.

"Myrkystä Kyyn..." begins with a short and really Devilish spoken intro, which paves the way for the best Huoripukki-material to date. I don't know if the demo is a rehearsal-recording (with vocals possibly added later on) but it certainly sounds like one; the guitars are really harsh and distorted, the bass is just an echoing pulse in the distance, and the drums sound very thin and crackling. My guess is that at least the base elements were recorded live. Anyhow, all the aforementioned is topped with a layer of static hiss, making me suspect that the band's earlier plans to record their next (meaning this one) demo with a four-tracker have become reality. The vocals are low and echoed growls with a good dose of demonic hostility, and do a good job in finishing the songs' feel as well as making them more approachable through uncluttering the soundscape a little. The growls seem more capable than before, and, after all the anticipation, actually sound credible and even powerful now. The slightly damp and echoed sound really does them good.

The band sounds quite close to how they were already on their previous demo, except that now their music seems to emerge from deeper depths of darkness and oldschool blasphemy. The songs vary between doom-like and even sludgy slow parts, ones that give the songs a good chunk of their oppressive and heavy feel as well as character, and faster, more violent and rhythm-based riffing that you would expect to hear from a band that's very influenced by the 90s' pioneers. The riffs focus on creating a dark atmosphere, but have a shredding edge and simple, yet pleasing gimmicks that make them interesting otherwise as well; for example the repetitive "up-and-down" end melody of Rottening and the guitar downstrokes backing it create an effect that's just bound to stick to your head, and the short acoustic intro of "Hymni Mestarille" really gives its doomy beginning a whole new shine. The band sounds traditional to some extent, but they also sound like nothing but themselves; they respect the masters, but employ their teachings through their own unique filter. The riffs and their sound are easily recognized as being made by Huoripukki, and nothing else.

The demo is the band's best one visually as well. They've kept the focus on the bare essentials, while making sure the imagery matches the musical side perfectly. I would've wanted to see the lyrics, but well, it seems to be a common custom not to include them on demos. A shame.

The demo's pretty good on most aspects, but has a few flaws that keep it from achieving immortality. Although the primitive soundscape gives the demo an atmosphere it couldn't achieve otherwise, especially when it comes to the screeching lead/solo guitar, it also devours quite a bit of the songs' dynamics and nuances. It's fitting for a demo of this kind, but doesn't bring out the absolute best out of the songs composition-wise, leaving me feel some uncertainty when it comes to grading the demo. Even though the songs themselves don't leave a too precise image of themselves due to their hooks partly being devoured by the hiss, I keep finding myself listening to the demo over and over again. The Devil is here, and he speaks through these songs.

The band gives a good presentation of themselves, but it's not the clearest nor easily fathomed one. If the songs had a bit more clarity and edge, and if the demo was just a hint tighter, I would be left with pretty much nothing to criticize. 30 minutes is quite a lenght for a demo, and even though it could've used some shortening it still fits the group's approach. This is pure worship for the maniacs out there, and further underlines the fact that fans of primorial and satanic death metal should certainly keep an eye on Huoripukki.

4½ / 5