An album with an interesting title and peculiar artwork caught my attention while I was browsing through the Discogs-website. I noticed that the album is available for free download, so I decided to take a listen and write a brief review of it as well.

Said album is a release from the experimental Ukrainian project Ahtictap, that has already made quite a few releases. But now, to the music itself. I expected it to be some kind of jazz-weirdness, but what I got was experimental music, as mentioned above. The atmosphere is not too cheery, it's moreso oppressive and dark, and reminds me of industrial racket and big, pounding hammers. The music reminds me of some dark ambient projects, although Ahtictap isn't a purely of that genre.

Anyhow, "My First Jazz Album" doesn't get to create any deeper moods, as the release consists of mere two short songs. Maybe longer songs could've been better in creating an atmosphere?

6 / 10