Kalmanväki ("people of the underworld") was founded in 2010 to play some "less technical music," which describes the main things in their noisy mixture of crust punk and death metal pretty well. This is the trio's debut EP with pretty horrid cover artwork, and it was released as a free download in the very beginning of 2011.

The EP consists of three songs that give a more than good presentation of the band's style. A crudely pounding bass guitar gives the songs an oldschool backing alongside the aggressive and crusty drumming. The harsh and heavy guitar execute brisk and crusty riffs, and the hoarse and dirty croaks serve as a fitting vocal delivery, albeit they get pushed to the background way too easily. The guitars deliver some higher and more chaotic notes as well to add a great deal of extra edge and noisiness to the tunes, which is the most notable in the minute long second track.

The death metal-aspect shows through the heaviness, as well as through some of the riffs leaning more towards oldschool scandinavian death metal than crust punk. These two main genres don't yet form a seamless unison aside of just a few moments, and at least I was left with a feel that some of the riffs sound too purely crusty to fit in the music - the last track provides the best examples of this notion. The drumming style varies between the two to balance the differences between these two genres, but even so the end result doesn't sound matured enough. "Overflow" evens out the differences by employing some guitar noise, and it works pretty well. Personally, I hope the band will keep on developing their noisiness as well as the heaviness, as now the end result sounds a bit too stale when thinking of its capabilities.

Kalmanväki hasn't yet found their strenghts, or at least not the best ways to employ them, but nonetheless they sound highly promising. This EP is a nice taster and describes the band's style and traits in a flattering manner, but is just plain too short to last for long in active listening. I hope their next effort is more daring and hostile, and that it would show more of the band's zeal. Oh, and the visual side would need great improvement.

7- / 10