Hippycrack is a solo-project from the man who's behind Mucophiliac Narcolepsy as well. It made its first two demo-releases in 2008, and a split with the Russian noisecore-project Pissdeads followed the next year. Hippycrack published its most recent and refined offering, meaning this one, in the late 2010.

The music has drifted further away from power electronics and moreso into the realms of harsh noise when compared with the earlier releases, but it seems to have been the right choice since what the music lost in structure and violence, it gained in steady power and content. The songs (or "songs") mix really harsh static hiss, rhythms and white noise together with some clearer sounds, such as even spacy modular synth drones and sharp screeches. The main weight is clearly on the harshness with some primitive clanging and screeches here and there, but the clearer sounds have enough room to make the soundscape more detailed, structured and personal in addition to them serving as contrast-providers.

There's a good dose of variation between the different parts, from the opening one's mix of metal scrap noise and other chaotic beatings to less offensive parts that rely on various layers of primitive PE-sounds and cruder noise, all the way to the B-side's lenghty movie sample that ends to the most chaotic material on the whole tape. Both sides evolve very naturally at their own pace, and it even surprised me how boldly but still naturally the songs progress. They have a steady pace that lets you hear everything you want to before going forward, but without having the time to get stale. A few short moments of thinner and simpler sounds were left amidst the soundscape to serve as breathing pauses as well as sudden twists, which also show how well these tunes have been thought out.

This tape truly surprised me with its refinement. It relies on primitive sounds, a lot of which you've heard before, but when they've been put together this well it doesn't matter at all. My hope is that the artist succeeds in making his next work more overpowering , perhaps through bolder use of the different approaches of noise-making, as now the tape sounds just a bit too thought-out and reliant on safe choices to be a true killer. Still worth checking out, for sure.

8- / 10