This both visually and aurally crude DIY-live tape is, to my understanding, the debut release from the finns Missile, a band that was formed in 2010. While preparing to release something more professional, they published this live-tape as something of a curiosity-release to get their name out a bit before the "actual" debut release.

Missile is a young band of young people, and although their style seems to be a work in progress, the key elements are easy to pick out; a good dose of fast and dirty rock 'n' roll is mixed with more simplistic and aggressive hc-punk, and some arrogance is thrown in to finish the dish. Simplisticity, sweat, speed and youthfully high energy levels pretty much sum it all up.

At times Missile reminds me of some Death With A Dagger-material, but without the metal-element. The releases share some similar critique as well. Missile hasn't made too many songs yet, and the few ones haven't been refined to their utmost maximum simply because the band doesn't yet have a clear line of style to follow, and they haven't plain had the time to achieve a higher level yet. The band's young age shows through the songs varying greatly from each other, from (if slightly exaggerated) immature and faceless punk-tunes to some bolder and more daring bursts with all-out rock riffs. It must be said, though, that the dusty and cruddy sound eats quite a bit of edge off the songs as well.

I see this release as a demo that's only worth getting if you're really curious about the band's sound. It doesn't have much to give in longer listening aside of the few tasty moments, and it surely doesn't present the band at their best either, neither when thinking of the individual performances or the band as a group. I'll be checking out the band's upcoming recording, but based on this one I can't really tell you whether you should check it out, too, or to avoid it. In any case, I hope the vocalist will put more power and concentration on his delivery on the follow-up.

3- / 5