The Finnish Sortovalta was born in the autumn of 2009, and recorded its debut demo in the following summer of 2010. The songs leave such a capable and self-secure image, my confident guess is that this isn't the first punk rock-band to any of the members.

This eleven-minuter contains five songs's worth of energetic punk rock with sarcastically outspoken and more or less humorous vocals. The brisk opening tune is musically the most interesting one, as it switches between a couple of cheery and simple melodies and the powerfully rhythmic short chorus, which keeps the song together. The few short guitar leads give the opener extra energy as well. "Laulu..." is a lot simpler in comparison with its basic three-chord riffs and mellower tempo, but its stronger drum- and bass-lines, the short guitar solo in its end, and the appealing vocal melodies make sure that it sounds relevant nonetheless. Song three is similar, but with half the lenght and more phlegm and aggression in the vocals. "Jeesus Oli Humanisti" is close to being (a bit sissy) hardcore punk, and the closer is again a more varying punkrock-tune, akin to "Minä Vastaan Maailma" but with a more leisurely tempo. Then, a sudden stop marks that the demo has ended.

Every time I listen to the first tune I think that this demo is great, but after the couple following songs have gone past I begin having doubts. The soundscape is nicely sturdy and clean (but not too polished), which equals to a strong rhythm-section but also brings out the songs' utterly simple and partly even lazy riffs in an unflattering way. The riffs just don't stick to your mind, aside of the a lot better ones in the first and last track. The low male vocals are raw and arrogant shout-like ones, and their snotty sound stands out quite a bit from the instruments. They give the songs more balls, for sure, but it seems that they and their rather decent melodies have been given too much responsibility; the vocals stray your attention from the sub-par riffs, making the tunes imbalanced quality-wise. The backing shouts are a nice add, but they also further crowd the vocal-section which would have more than enough of "weight" without them, too.

The band sounds half really good, but half raw. I bet that their problems will be fixed when the band has rehearsed and played more gigs, as then they should have a better hunch of their strong and weak points, in addition to sounding tighter as a group.

3+ / 5