I spotted this release from the Metal Archives-website, and contacted the band based on the demo's interesting cover artwork. This means, I hadn't heard a single note from the band before I slipped the demo into my CD-player.

But now to the music itself. The demo opens with a song named "Anti-Facebook," a title which I found to be wonderful since I don't use Facebook myself either. The musical side is raw rumble, genre-wise placing somewhere between black metal and punk. The instrumentation doesn't sound too polished, it is moreso done with a punk-attitude. The riffs are mostly basic HC-shredding with some black metal-spices, and the drumming doesn't lack in attitude either.

The decent screaming vocals suit the short songs, even though the band isn't making any Norwegian shredding here. The record's atmosphere isn't dark, but moreso comical. I don't think that no-one frowned in discontent when making this demo, and it's only a positive thing. Especially the plucking and jamming in the end of the last song "Anti-Everything Else" makes be burst into laughter.

So, if you like HC-punk or punk in general and the words "black metal" don't make you all agitated, then this release is just for you. Even though I would've wished more songs and content for the demo, we're still talking about an interesting release

3 / 5