The label describes this one as a possible soundtrack for Aurora Borealis, and I can't really disagree. Snowfade is one of the many projects of Marco Grosso, and focuses on creating icy ambient. He's published three albums and this EP under Snowfade's name.

The sole song is built of basic, crude synth-notes providing some rhythm and firm but irregular structure, as well as some quieter background chill every now and then. These synths have been echoed for them to better function in the cold soundscape, as well as to more deepen it as well. The lighter and more atmospheric ambience is provided by a cold modular synth, which provides a steady, thin, and slowly mutating and evolving layer of sound.

In song's beginning is built of a heavier but still very soft wall of sound, with some backing synth note rhythms which create a more overwhelming and epic sense of coldness. As the song goes forward, it slowly turns into a more delicate piece that chills your flesh deeper. The transition could be described as a change from a being surrounded by icy mountains and freezing rivers, to standing on a desolate and silent field of ice. The short bit of spoken female vocals at the track's halfway gives a surprising human touch to the atmosphere, and certainly wakes the listener from his/her slumber, thus making the track last a bit better for the rest of its playtime.

The song progresses naturally and at its own peaceful pace, but still stays surprisingly interesting for its sufficient lenght. It does not provide any actual surprises to anyone familiar with the coldness-fixated branch of ambient, but nonetheless does a good job, and stays pleasurable for a good amount of spins. If the artist had used more daring and less cruddy synth-notes as impact-providers, and had overall ventured further from the traditional chilling sound, this release would have a lot more to give.

If you need a quick fix of skillful made ambient to chill your flesh, you won't go wrong with this one, but I'd recommend you to look elsewhere if you want something deeper, bolder and more original than that. I would've given the EP an 8, but decided to chop off a tiny bit of the grade due to the cover arts that seem not to relate to the music in any way, and actually hurt the atmosphere if you examine them while listening to the song. Maybe they were meant to deepen the listener's trance, but such an architectural way to do it does not fit the music at all.

8- / 10