You might remember the Portuguese Merankorii from his contribution on the Ambiansu-duo or his many compilation-appearances (for example on this one. Despite the amount of releases the project has put out during its five years in existence, this is the first full "solo-release" I've come to hear from it.

The cover image resembles a forgotten and time-worn old book, and the music sounds similarly old and dust-covered - as if it was played through a stretched tape or a gramophone, making the soundscape a bit wobbly and cobwebbed. The song is solely based on a simplistic organ with an old-fashioned sound that has had the above described treatment. It delivers a simple melody which doesn't go through any radical changes during the song's lenght, but still stays interesting due to the imbalance and shakiness brought by the soundscape. The organ-sound has a slightly plastic vibe to it, but it's mostly covered up by all the dust, and thus isn't a real bother.

The repetitive organs themselves aren't particularly dark, and neither is the melody, but their firm and determined progress gives them a deep atmosphere nonetheless; the darkness is not evident, you moreso need to focus on the song to really be able to grasp it, which I see as a solely good thing. The song has a nicely dramatic and surprising ending as well, so this far it seems as if the artist really nailed it all on the EP.

The main major downside comes in the form of the vocals. They're presented as a male spoken words (or a sample) that tend to be rather back in the mix and that way blend in decently, despite them being recorded in a cruddy fashion. The problem is that for a good part of the song they are a loop repeating the same, short sentence over and over, and that way add a great deal of artificial plastic to the otherwise pleasing soundscape, and even become a plain annoying nuisance. I'm not sure what the artist was aiming for with the loop, maybe it was just to add a bit more experimental twist to the song for example, but it just doesn't work. The vocals were allowed freer delivery in the song's end part, and there the vocals actually function by bringing a storytelling tincture with them.

I was left with mixed feelings even after numerous listens, but came to the conclusion that Merankorii's sense of style had failed him at a bad time. The song is in great imbalance despite its simplistic, even bare structure; it's as if the artist had created a nice soundscape and had some idea for it, but executed it in a poor fashion that lacks effort. Maybe the song was lenghtened to fit the label's rules, maybe it was not. I can recommend this release to you if you enjoy dusty soundscapes - just be warned that you might get annoyed by the song's seemingly unpolished finish.

6+ / 10