The style and concept of Vuohi (which translates to "goat") was originally born in 2002, but the band didn't really become active until two years later. The group got its debut demo "Total Noise Chaos" out as a CD-R in 2007, and as a tape in the following year. The band's style, as presented on this demo, could be described as heavy, dark and violent grindcore with notable death metal-influences.

The heavy and somewhat lo-fi blasting starts right after a brief sample. The opener is a heavy and somewhat chaotic one, which is nicely (albeit slightly unnecessarily) balanced by the shout-along chorus which gives the tune some structure. The second song is a similarly hasty one as well, but after it the demo takes a turn for less abrupt grind-noise and brings on more prominent death metal-influences. The songs retain the fast pace and their crudely pounding and violent soundscape, but follow a stricter structure and overall become a bit more musical. Some of the faster riffs and abrupt discords and other small twists a'la newer brutal technical death metal give the songs a nice kick, but some other, more traditional oldschool-riffs just don't seem to find their place amidst all the chaos.

Sound-wise the demo is pretty good; the bass has a grainy but heavy sound and the guitars employ similar sandpaper-qualities, but both of them have a good amount of power despite their rugged edges. The drums are pretty light and organic, but have a good amount of hissing noisiness which gives the whole demo a fitting coating of lo-fi chaos. The low shouted vocals are somewhere between growling and screaming, which makes them remind me of black metal, and are pretty high in the mix. They balance out the songs' underground brutality with their hoarse sound, but otherwise it seems that they are a bit lost amidst the noisier heaviness; they sound raw, but are too thin to really function in the soundscape. Them being so high in the mix might unflatteringly emphasize this, but despite this possibility I can only say they'd benefit from additional phlegm. The rehearsal-version of a song from their second release is a nice bonus, although its lighter soundscape sounds weaker when compared with the actual demo-songs. Compositionally "The Name of..." sounds good though, and shows that the band has gone towards more structured and a bit lighter waters - worry not though, the grinding, death metal-influences and the overall darkness is still seemingly present.

The tape includes no lyrics, but based on the song titles and the visual side I'd say they focus on mental and societal corruption, decadence, bloodshed and the devil - although there's a chance I'm all wrong. The cover arts come in many different colours, of which I happened to get the full-colour version which does great justice to the vintage-colored cut-and-paste layout. All the release's different sides are nothing but underground, and I found it pleasing.

It seems the band was at the crossroads of their future stylistic direction, which gives the demo a bit disoriented and dispersed feel. It does hold a few killer tunes and other more great moments, however, and brings out the band's enthusiasm and skill in a promising manner. So, I'll be waiting to get to know their second release "The Rising Era of Goat," which is currently waiting for a review from me as well. I hope that the band had acquired a better sense of their style and aims before that one, wihout having given up their concentrated loathing and zeal.

3 / 5