"Serial Noize Murderer" presents two very different approaches to noisecore; the five years old duo Gorgonized Dorks presents short bursts of rather traditional blurcore-chaos with some slightly experimental noise-instrumentation to spice it up, and the solo-project Con Gone Wrong presents extremely primitive noisecore made up of drums and vocals alone.

The previous release I heard from Gorgonized Dorks was their split with xAOAx, on which they played noisy punk rock. Even though those punk-tunes are good, I'm very glad to say that this side is all made up of the noise that the duo is known for. The ten minutes are built of few seconds long bursts of noisecore with guitar and drums, with some gruff growls to serve as the lower frequencies - and all of it was recorded on a four-tracker, so a pleasingly screeching and hissing lo-fi-sound is quaranteered. Along with the guitar executing some louder sole notes (think about a slow and really, really badly played guitar solo) with delay, the noise-blur is given its character by some sci-fi-effects. These effects are nothing especially fancy, just some space ambient-type keyboard bits, tape manipulation-like sounds and theremin-experiments, but when imbued amidst the crude soundscape they give the songs a lot of additional depth and personality, and plain make them more interesting.

GxDx-side doesn't present the most extreme, bold, offensive or noisy brand of noisecore, but moreso a skillfully blended racket with a certain aspect of fun playfulness. There are negatives, though; the delayed guitar notes slow the songs down when they appear, and also take away space from the less crippling and overused effects. Despite the aforementioned negative factor making the the tape seem as if it tones down after its halfway and the uprising crave for more daring and even "outrageous" experimentations (akin to the use of therimin and other effects) that comes with it, I still warmly recommend this one to those who can take their noise blur less seriously and aren't afraid of more experimental gimmicks. GxDx gets a 8+ / 10

Con Gone Wrong, a solo-project of one xAOAx-member, has released one demo and taken part on at least one compilation before this split. Unlike the earlier releases, this one was wholly recorded live with with the sole members bashing his drum set and shouting with his somewhat hoarse voice. The result is as bare as one can imagine, and shows a true caveman-version of noisecore. The drums sound organic and sturdy, and the recording equipment made them just a bit softer and lo-fi than they'd be otherwise. This ten-minuter does not sound noisy in a screeching, lo-fi or an overwhelming way, but merely through the a tad fumbly recklessness of its execution and its seemingly pointless existence.

I don't think many would buy this as an individual recording, but it provides a nice contrast to GxDx and was overall a pleasing listening experience simply due to its ridiculously primitive and even primordial nature. It's an easy listen and works rather well when thinking of its basis, but doesn't provide much that would make you listen to the tape again and again; it's moreso something you might pick up every now and then just because it exists. Simply for the tape's existence and for making this kind of an approach work, I give CGW a 6 / 10. Honestly, the grade doesn't really matter here.

The visual side should come as no surprise to anyone who's familiar with the genre; the one-sided and xeroxed paper j-card holds the basic info of both bands, and that's it. It's rather generic, but still good when noting the 4$ price.

This is a good pick, especially if you want to bend or check out the limits of your noisecore-affection. I'm very glad I got a hold of this tape even if it's not something to listen to over and over again (unless you're into a "softer" approach to noisecore), but moreso something to acquire for the first impact, and something to return to every now and then to give you some perspective.

7 / 10