Picture a fog. Picture the silhouette of trees. Picture the morning sun rising, light cutting through the dense fog.

Minimal playing is the key word here and the overall picture is serene as a still lake. Vocals surface to spice things up, both harsh and clean, but the music and composition is in the lead role.

Imagine the sound of birds. Imagine the rustle of grass and dry moss beneath your feet.

The music takes you on a walk through the forest. The atmosphere is very gloomy and extremely suitable for the Scandinavian mindset. Although the melancholia the music is far from pessimistic. The angst is not overwhelming and it leaves me with a quite satisfied aftertaste.

Picture the aggressive sound of the flowing river. Picture the water clash against the rocks.

Much of the song dynamics are being built with drum crescendos and add to the very stable nature of the music. They envision the natural course of things bringing a bit of chaos, like a hunter catching it’s prey.

Take a look around yourself, feel the scent of the forest. Let the sounds overtake you.

Svart showcases the minimalist way of performing very organic black metal. The sounds bring you close to nature and it is overall a very visual type of music.

Close your eyes and prepare yourself for a journey.

8 / 10