The promo by the finns Kausalgia sounds quite good. The rather guitar-driven and synth-spiced songs wonderfully create a melancholic atmosphere. You can find both slow ambiance-based parts as well as double bass drum-blasts in the songs, and in addition to their composing skills, the band seems to handle their instrumentation too since the guitars release really grand melodies. The melodies have no problem in creating their effect, as the sound-department is in order. The promo is a very pleasing listen, and the sounds aren't unnecessarily heavy. The screamed vocals sound harrowing, but the lyrics are still pretty easy to make out. Stylistically Kausalgia reminds me of Thy Serpent, and one can find many other fitting comparison-partners from Norway, too. The songs well maintain one's savor for them, and have approperiate lenghts.

This is a fine release in my opinion, and I hope that this is a mere prelude for Kausalgia. I really dig this release, because back in the day I begun listening to black metal through similar atmospheric stuff. The Finnish song on the demo is the best one in my opinion, so I would've wished for more material sung in the said language on this release.

4 / 5