When you're starting a project that's sole reason for existence is to pay tribute to old-school Swedish death metal, you need to take care that the output is right.

Abcession takes the right path in releasing the old school magnetic tape as a debut. We all know there is something magical about the magnetic tape cassette when the hissing and humming from the player starts. The second thing I heard this time through my speakers is one of the most beautiful intros in recent times.

After the intro the nostalgia trip starts. You can hear the strong influences of Edge of Sanity throughout the three songs. Many sections have a very familiar feel, but still manage to stand out from the ‘originals’.

This tape is above all a tribute to the pioneers of Swedish death metal. No unnecessary gimmicks are utilized. One finds himself pondering while blasting the songs from the headphones, would this music stand so strong without the nostalgia? The yearning back to the good old days paints a rustic aura around the music and in many ways time gilds the memories. Still the release is strong and technically superb, though the songs are in many ways only pastiches of their paragons.

4- / 5