This short best-of compilation was put together from the now defunct Vornoff's two first demos. The project was active between 2001 and 2006, and released three demos, one full-lenght album and a split with Sagntid during that time. Regarding Sangtid, it's actually the same artist's current main outlet, which operates along with his other solo-project Picture Ann.

Despite having been recorded with a four-track minidisc-recorder, the compilation has a pretty deep and sturdy soundscape. The brief opener has a nicely soft and low drone that steadily pulsates forward, on top of which there's a simplistic piano-melody that breathes sentimental melancholy. The sad thing is that the piano-sound comes from an organ, and its plastic qualities lower the atmosphere. The following four-minuter is a more complex one, despite being even calmer. It opens up with some backing cello/violin-synth, and an acoustic guitar delivers a pleasing melody on top of it. The song drops the acoustics at later point to give room for more minimalism in the form of piano-synth and soft drumming, and overall the composition is a rather interesting one - although I'm sad that there were no more organic instruments, since the guitar made the song sound a lot deeper and appealing. The third tune could be seen as an outro due to it's two-minute lenght and repetition; the wind is humming in the distance, while a simplistic piano-melody entwines with some acoustic plucking to create a nicely looping descent to autumnal sceneries.

This teaser-like compilation reminds me a lot of Venefica when it comes to the critique; the actual songs please the ear and at their best soothe the mind, but they just lack the depth and overall are really basic sound-wise. Despite their working atmosphere the songs could be more daring as well, aside of the second track - which brings me to another complaint about this release. It could be said that the disc consists of a mere one song that's stuck between an intro and an outro, and it's far from enough to give a good image of the project's style nor capabilities. I would've gladly welcomed at least two more songs on this release.

"2002 Recordings" is worth checking out if you're into atmospheric tunes and aren't afraid of synths replacing "the real thing." I think that the artist put too little effort in recording and executing the instrumentation which shows in a modest end result, but the pretty decent compositions save a lot.

6+ / 10