Vuohi became active sometime in the year 2004, and released their debut demo "Total Noise Chaos" in 2007. The debut's style was deathgrind with some prominent influences from various other metal-genres, most notably Death Metal. On their second demo, "The Rising Era of Goat," the group takes their mixture of these different elements further.

The band's expression has become less in-your-face -type of brutality, instead relying on pure rawness and hostility. Even though the songs make less of an instant impact, they clearly have more to give and are overall more balanced, and the element of unpredictable chaos has become a solid part of the group's expression instead of an occasional twist. After a brief samples, which at least should spark up your interest, Vuohi unleashes their violence which consists of grindcore-tempos and simplistic, blasting drums, some death metal-flirt in the form of heavier riffs, shreds and bits of groove, as well as thrash metal-esque bits that carry just a little more melody. The group's black metal-appreciation can be heard through the raw and hissing guitars, as well as the general "simplisticity and raw power"-approach to handling the instruments.

Even though Vuohi seems to have a better grasp of their approach than they did on "Total Noise Chaos," there are still things they should further work on. The main problem comes with employing the slightly lighter and more melodic riffs amidst all the hostility, as now they tend to stand out a bit and end up breaking the demo's consistency, and concurrently lower its overall listening value. The second problem comes with the vocalist's low growls and hoarse shouts, which somehow operate on top of the music instead of serving as an amplifier to the songs' power - partly due to them being a bit too loud in the mix. I suspect a portion of this is caused by the third negative factor, which is the raw but too powerless guitar sound. Even though it gives the songs a chaotic undertone and carries a good amount of depth, it makes the riffs sound more flat than they really are, don't deliver enough of an impact to give the songs a real kick and a strongly beating pulse, and don't give the demo enough mass to serve as a functional foundation for the vocalist's heavy voice. The bass guitar has rather damp sound which is buried amidst the guitars, so it doesn't really help in giving the songs additional force either. The guitar sound isn't that bad per se, it works really well in some parts of the release and sounds hostile, but overall the songs could've benefited from more power.

The demo was self-financed and -released but could easily be mistaken for a professional release, it's that high-quality. The layout is simplistic but effective, and suits the crude and dark music well. The only lyrics included are those of the eponymous opening song, but, according to the band, they describe the overall lyrical themes well. Death, destruction, anti-christianity and praising the devil are the main lyrical themes, and the straight-forward message is delivered with a fitting style and amount of rage. Overall the visual, lyrical and overall style-side gets a thumbs up from me, since it's clear that the band has invested time and effort into the creation of the release - not only the music, but the whole package.

The group has their own style and approach, for sure. It's just not fully refined yet. It takes a few spins to get to appreciate the demo due to it's relentless hostility and the compositions' brutality, and despite the flaws mentioned in the third paragraph, it's a really promising piece of work that well displays the band's dedication, as well as all the effort they're willing to see for their music. It's just a rather heavy listening experience due to the too flat soundscape, but the chaos and slight noisiness justifies it to some extent - this album needs to be played loud to really unleash all its potential, especially guitar-wise. My guess and hope is that the group will really nail their style on their next offering, and that they've managed to polish and refine their expression even further by then. Bonus points are awarded for the brief and fitting samples, and for not overusing them.

4 / 5