The demo number 89 of this underground legend is of the same guaranteed quality to the band's fans. I have to admit that I'm one of those fans, and that I've always liked Luc Mertz's projects.

Then, to the demo itself. As I mentioned earlier, Demo 89 is of the same style as the others, which stands for programmed drums, snotty guitars and demonic vocals. This time we, however, won't be taken to the most brutal direction, but the songs are mainly paced by basic comping. The overall sound is raw, but still surprisingly soft and pleasing to listen to, aside of the song "Dead Head" which holds some more experimental elements. Surely, though, the experimental elements are not solely concentrated on merely that one song. The guitars are distorted as ever, which doen't really surprise me. I still have to admit that I feel like the artist hasn't given too much effort to this release, as the same reasons to complain about are present as on the earlier demos.

So, if your listening pleasure isn't spoiled by unprofessional guitar playing and the programmed drums' monotonic drizzle, then I can even recommend this release. As said earlier, guaranteed quality to the fans.

3˝ / 5