It seems that there are a few bands known as Woland, but this particular one comes from Finland's Helsinki where it was formed in 2010, and plays heavy and somewhat technical black metal with a rather polished soundscape. This release is the trio's debut promo, and it hasn't been released in a physical form.

The opening song varies between fast blasting with a good dose of technical death metal in the guitars, to some steady and rhythm-reliant shredding, all the way to the slow and atmospheric chorus that relies on lenghty guitar notes. The clean but heavy sounds bring the best out of the compositions while still retaining the instruments' power, and the raw and heavy growls by W (known from Cavus) give the songs a dramatic and hostile topping and really breathes life into them.

The second song lasts for over six minutes, and serves as the promo's more atmospheric side whereas the opener was more of a violent one. It opens up with a mid-pace and high-pitch tremolo that soon turns into really rhythmic mid-pace shredding, until the opening riff returns in the chorus with bass drum blasts. The song retains its surprisingly high pitch and slow pace, that, together with the growled vocals, create an atmosphere of melancholy and deep hatred. The song gets a tasteful add in its halfway when some piano-notes arrive to deepen the atmosphere, but they only stay for a while. The song gathers up power in the end to reach its climax, and does it in a way which suits the song's simplistic structure and its introvert atmosphere.

The lyrics proclaim the power within oneself and the efforts to reach a higher level of power and existence in a stylish manner, and have seemingly resulted through effort and dedication. They're a pleasing read, and don't reveal all their content right away on the first gaze. The vocal style is just perfect to reach and deliver the pathos.

It's clear that the members have talent and a vision of what kind of music they want to craft, but it seems that this vision has not yet crystallized. The songs have strength and emotion, but they would need stronger contrasts and dominating qualities, true tidal waves of emotion and dedication to really shine and to give all that they aim to. The amount of songs left me unsure on what kind of sound the band is aiming for, but it should be clear that they're aiming higher than what they reached with these two songs. I would recommend the band to employ a stronger and deeper soundscape as well, as it seems that the drums and guitars lose some power due to their unnecessarily tidy sounds - although a part of this might be caused by the mp3-format of the release. This promo is promising, but not fully convincing.

4- / 5