You might remember the finns Videotrage from the review I wrote about their debut full-lenght. This EP was released prior to the album, and could shortly be described as a stripped-down and shorter version of it. "Seismology..." has an almost identical packaging as the same label's Phosphene-release, but this one comes in red instead of blue.

The opener is a mixture of slow analogue and (I'd presume) digital synth-notes that have been merged together into one solid flow reminiscent of retro-sci-fi. It's really minimalistic even when there's a hint of more detailed bleeping to spice it up, but the soundscape's retro-qualities help make it highly intriquing. The follow-up is also a two-minuter. It has a thinner but more complex mixture of similar lenghty notes creating the main musical content, but there's also some minimalistic string-instrumentation and a sample of something bubbling to add some mystique and additional flesh to the song.

The main lecture is similar to song A3 on the duo's "Signaltures"-tape; it mainly consists of an echoed lecture in Finnish. The speaker's low voice occasionally gets warped to create a slightly humouristic howl, which is each time followed by a short flute-bit to add some structure and additional confusion to the song. The song gets a tad dull after a few spins due to being so speech-based and because it lasts for over five minutes, but overall it's an intriquing piece and shows a whole new side to the band's approach. The fourth tune is similar to "Movement I" with its minimalistic and synth-focused approach, but employs clearer melodies. It even has a slightly melancholic feel despite the retro-soundscape, which makes it more than fitting to serve as the EPs closer.

The EP is a really nice curiosity-release and presents the band's style's foundations, but doesn't have a lot to offer in the long run. The release is rather short, and feels even shorter due to the lecture-song taking such a chunk of its lenght and making the release sound unbalanced. Overall "Seismology Is a Science" presents a duo that knows what they're doing, but also clearly shows that they've got the vision and capabilities for a lot greater and more memorable results - a fact which they've already proven with the "Signaltures"-album.

7 / 10