The bells, the bells, Esmeralda! For whomever the bell tolls can be a happy bloke at this point when 156 starts to ooze out of the speakers. Though there isnít much oozing going on. Youíll notice quickly itís percussion music we are dealing with.

There are the occasional spoken word accompaniment for the percussion. The percussion work is fairly minimalistic and various sound effects, screams and sounds spice up the compositions here and there.

The initial crisp sounds are maybe even a bit too clear as they are on the boundary of picking my eardrums apart, but there is something very natural about the recordings. But there are also some very plastic electronic sounds backing up the percussion.

Personally I would have loved an imaginative percussion release more.

Now then, the album itself flows extremely well throughout itís span and working like a whole instead of just separate songs. To be honest you donít necessarily notice the change of track at all while listening to 156 on your headphones.

The downside of the release is that it really doesnít stick to my mind at all. After countless listens there really isnít anything drawing me back to this release, but itís still ĎOKí.

7- / 10