Schizoid Lloyd is an odd troupe from Holland playing a mellow sort of progressive metal, very much in the vein of fellow countryman Arjen Lucassen and Swedish proggers Wolverine.

For dynamics the group resorts to the occasional storm of heavier riffing. The songs are equipped with catchy chorus’ and calm verses sounding quite good, but the material seems to lack the absolute “WOW” factor. Personally I expect a strong a ‘weird’ factor from a band named Schizoid Lloyd. As it is the music is a bit too generic and lacking true personality.

The instrumentalists take beautiful care of their own turf and it is more then clear we are listening to really talented musicians, but the music itself still needs a great deal of polish to shine. After countless listens you find yourself singing along to the choruses, but hours afterwards you fail to remember the melodies. Although the super-singalong-choruses the lack of really killer hooks in the music is the biggest flaw on “Virus”.

All in all should the boys revise their song writing to make their compositions more compelling and flowing we might just have a new juggernaut of progressive metal at our hands.

7˝ / 10