The experienced ritual music-act Akoustik Timbre Frekuency has been focusing more and more on the acoustic properties of different sounds and instruments. This transition was already visible through the transition between his albums Memetik Etchings and Kthonik Korridors, but this free download-EP presents this change in a more concrete form.

The fourteen-minute opener starts with absolute minimalism; only some metal bells are softly struck to create a slowly growing field of organic vibration and humming echo. The bells don't follow a pattern, but somehow all the hits fall in place in creating a really pleasing experience. There isn't any real changes in the song until its halfway, when some leather drum tapping, echoed chanting and equally distant but truly mighty horns are added to the soundscape. The low-pitch horns really succeed in intensifying the soundscape, whereas the leather drums moreso make it too concrete and actual; their sharp sound brings the songs' meditative qualities down.

The follow-up could be regarded as a drone-tune which has been crafted through (at least mostly) actual organic instruments. It slowly pulsates onwards through bubbly droning, hoarse and echoed sounds, chimes and wooden beats. It has no concrete structure, it's rather an acoustic, distant and echoed snarl which comes out as a portrayal of slow and darkened movement which doesn't seem to have a target or destination. The delay-effect has been used well on this one, and although the song doesn't have much of an appeal structure-wise, it has a deep and intriquing atmosphere and an aura of mysticism. I just wish it would have more distinctive detail due to its place on the EP; a song like this could work better on a full-lenght, but falls short when serving as a closer after such a contrast-reliant tune as "Mahapralaya."

The EP is available as a free download, which has the songs accompanied with a single cover image - meaning that there isn't much to enjoy aside of the songs themselves, especially so since the cover image is a dark and dull one. The image fits the theme, but that's all. Of course one has to note that there's only so much one should expect from a free download-release.

These two are well atmospheric quality songs by a quality artist. It just seems as if the EP's purpose is to serve as a "teaser-release" to give a demonstration of ATF's new style, instead of being a functional stand-alone release. I'll be waiting to hear the project's upcoming album, as I'm sure that the artist's ideas function better in an album-lenght.

7 / 10