These five young men grew up listening to 70's and '80's hard rock and heavy metal, and in 2009 their appreciation of those bands manifested in the form of founding this group. This demo is the quintet's debut recording, and to my knowledge it hasn't been released in a physical form as of yet.

Rust n' Rage mixes the energy and distortion of hard rock with the simplistic elements of of heavy metal and the quick pace and solos of speed metal - and I of course mean the most traditional forms of these genres. The group is not inventing anything new here, but deliver what they've got with energy and honest enthusiasm.

The three songs present the band's different sides well. "This Time" is a simple and catchy rock-tune which presents the band's basics in a concise package, whereas "Hotter than You" is more hostile, glam and sleazy. The third song opens up with pure speed metal-worship which makes a return in the song's chorus, but otherwise it's the demo's slowest and the least in-your-face tune. It seems as if the vocalist's voice has worn out by this song and he isn't able to deliver the dramatics, but otherwise the song executes its mixture of raw speed metal and "love song"-like elements well.

The band needs to further rehearse their style to get a better grip of their strong and weak parts, as well as to handle the songs with more ease. It seems as if the members have to focus too much on the songs' delivery instead of plain rocking out, which lowers the songs' power quite a bit as energetic delivery is essential in this type of music. The songs reach high, but the band isn't yet ready to unleash them in their maximum potential. The vocalist need to further work on his delivery as well, as he seems to lose his voice during the songs.

This demo is good, but not good enough. The band needs to be more outrageous and vigorous to really do justice to their idols. I'm curious to hear the group's next demo, and I hope it will be done with more time and effort.

3 / 5