This German solo-project released its debut demo in '09, and a split with Kreetur the following year All the three releases are available solely as free downloads.

I could actually say precisely the same thing about this demo as I did about the split: if you're familiar with the earlier works, expect more of the same. Soft and simple ambient-notes are mixed with muffled and possibly programmed guitars and strong, programmed drums. The slowly but firmly progressing songs are spiced with some gurgly vocals in the background, as well as some occasional mid-parts that might consist of mere synth-notes, piano-melodies and other soft yet distinctive features.

Aside of sounding more balanced and slightly more detailed, the band sounds almost precisely the same as already on their debut demo. The compositions are a bit bolder in their use of more distinctive melodies, vocals, fills and such spices, and the whole seems more matured and refined. Still, I would've expected something more, especially soundscape-wise; the artist has now released three releases that practically share an identical soundscape, with some slight changes in the instruments' balance. The compositional foundation has stayed the same, too, although it seems to have taken an essential step towards better and more innovative tries.

This demo presents over 40 minutes of (in Black Metal-standards) safe and soft ambient-BM with a decent amount of appeal. It's a pleasing listen and has enough hooks and a deep enough atmosphere to stay interesting for its lenght, but also makes me wonder if the artist has anything else to give musically - and if yes, why has he kept repeating the safe formula.

3 / 5