Carnage Pit is a young Finnish band, and this is their debut EP of technical and brutal death metal. The EP was wholly home recorded, and is currently available only as a free digital download. If all goes well, a physical pressing should become available in the near future.

A short movie-sample sets the right mood for the half an hour long pummeling that is to follow. The songs rely on technical and really heavy guitar riffs that, at their best, seem to go through constant changes and twists. The bass guitar has vast but not too powerful sound, and its main purpose is to provide additional texture and a pleasing low end-rumble - although it does provide some cleaner notes here and there to spice up the guitar work. The vocals are low and gurgly growls that, due to their somewhat muffled but harsh and powerful sound, suit the brutality perfectly. Some hoarse shouts are also used to give the songs an additional punch.

As said, the songs rely both on technical riffs and sheer speed and brutality, but there are enough of simpler and slower parts and abrupt breaks to keep the listener awake and from becoming numb. The riffs' technical side is balanced by the almost ridiculously fast bass drums and the sharp snare-sound, as they give the songs some additional stability and keep them from becoming an illogical mess. The drum-sounds are rather usual for many bands that mix technical death metal and (gore)grind, especially the snare-sound, but they suit the band perfectly. The drums make the songs seem faster than they actually are with their sharp but organic sounds, and the cymbals have been pushed into the distance from making the songs too messy. Overall the EP's soundscape can only be complimented, aside of the occasional ride-tremolos that sound really weak and out-of-place. It's a minor flaw, but once you hear it, you can't get your attention away from it.

The EP is a really promising opener for the band's future, as it mixes the base components in a commendable way. The only downside is that the songs don't make enough of an impact; they sound good, but there aren't enough of individual parts that stick to one's mind, it's moreso the pleasing overall image. In other words, the EP sounds good when you're listening to it, but doesn't force you to push the play-button again when it ends. The band needs to learn how to lift the best moments and tastiest bits out from the mass, and how to create a more flexible balance between the different instruments to make them bring out the best in the heaviest, slowest as well as the most technical parts. I hope the band retains their great sense of style in the future as well, as if they do, they're onto something clearly worth one's attention.

8- / 10