We're now presenting you raw Korean black metal. I have to admit I rarely run into Black Metal from the Asian continent. Moreso, it's seemed that if one wants to find good and high-quality Black Metal there, it has to be thoroughly searched for, with cats, dogs and all.

But on to the release itself. The CD with gorgeous cover artwork holds two demos, which were originally released in 2003. The demos were released as very limited pressings, so re-releasing them was necessary. Or was it after all?

In all honesty, the musical side has a severe limp. Kvell offers very boring ruckus done in a worn out way, and the songs are topped with mediocre sounds. The cold sounds get better in the record's halfway, but the joy won't last long due to all the songs sounding more or less the same. The guitar playing is tolerable and I guess the drums are ok as well, but the vocals sound like a drunken teenager on a saturday evening.

Naturally, one has to remember that this package has been put together of demo-material and it isn't likely that the band was aiming for any sort of commercial victory. Still, I would've wanted the CD to have better sounds and more original ideas.

6+ / 10