The hate-squadron Psykoanalyysi strikes again. "Kivitys" ("lapidation") is the band's third EP after becoming a full band.

"Kivitys" continues from where the group's previous EP "Vitutus" left off. The EP has fever ten-second bursts than the band's previous releases, but most of the songs are still under a minute in length. These songs mix together grindcore and power violencey hardcore punk, which makes the end result simplistic, energetic and furious - and fast, of course. The songs hold a good deal of variation in their vocal arrangements, riffs and beats, which helps the EP stay interesting despite all the songs following nearly the same compositional structure, and despite having just a couple brief slower moments.

Whereas "Vitutus" had somewhat grainy and mushy sounds and had more songs that were just a few seconds long, this EP has a cleaner, louder and overall more dynamic and professional soundscape. The songs are more unified in their style as well, which leads me to the actual critique. It's clear that the band has evolved since the previous EP and have seemingly found their own musical blend, but it still needs some refinement. Again regarding the past, the previous EP held many shorter bursts and other twists that kept the listener on his/her toes due to the music's unpredictability, and the rougher soundscape gave the songs some additional character. "Kivitys" lacks in these aforementioned shorter bursts and twists, aside of some samples, and the guitars sound flatter - a fact which is slightly balanced by the hint of distortion in the high-pitch shrieked vocals. The bass guitar has a dull sound as well. The songs work individually better than they did before, but due to the cleanness and most of the songs sharing the same structure, the EP starts repeating itself after a few spins. It sounds hostile, but the predictability takes a toll on its impact.

The lyrics continue on the pact of expressing utter irritation, delivering rage-fueled and somewhat humouristic remarks on topics ranging from politics to youngsters, crying babies, technology, child labour and annoying people and things overall. The cover songs follow on the same path and come delivered in the band's own way and attitude, and the Tinner-cover reveals how major influence they've been for Psykoanalyysi. The bad thing about the covers are that they unnecessarily lenghten the EP, thus making it less striking and concise. They were marked as bonus tracks, though, which is why I won't let this remark really affect the grading. The visual side seems to be a complete rehash of "Vitutus"-EP, and although it doesn't look bad and holds all the lyrics, I still would've expected the band to present something new in this area as well.

The band's basic expression and musical skill is on a good level, they just have to take more risky choices with the compositions and in creating the soundscape to really make an impact. Even with its flaws, "Kivitys" is a recommended release for irritated people who enjoy shouting.

7 / 10