According to the band “Puristimessa” is something of a return to using band instruments, so the noisers have decided to take the traditional instruments and pulverize them as they go along?

But the claim isn’t completely uncalled for. in the beginning of part 1 you can actually hear a quick cymbal ride and they have also decided to add a spacey synth melody to the end of said part. Believe me I almost shit myself when I heard something resembling music on this release. Otherwise we are treated to the same bubbling resonances and distortions we have grown to love, served in minimal fashion.

Part 2 showcases the band mimicking, or competing with, a washing machine on full spin. The other option is drawing a parallel to the “stuck needle” syndrome for an accurate description on how part 2 sounds. However they manage to create an aggressive environment through their minimal repetitive patterns.

Sure as hell this IS noise, but this time Grindstroke take the minimalism and repeats too far as you find yourself in danger of slipping out of reach of the audible irritations.

Either it’s the musicians pulverizing their instruments or the music taking perverse advantage of the player, but one thing is for sure: Grindstroke will be bringing quality noise to your bleeding ears.

7˝ / 10