This time I'm reviewing a demo from an Italian one-man band. This demo was released already in 2009 as a CD-R, but now in 2011 the demo got a re-release that its worth as an official mp3-album.

But onto the release itself. Sanguine Pluit offers very cold and bleak black metal, which stands for trebly guitars with extreme distortion as well as primitive drum-rumble. The songs on this demo are uncommonly short for ambient black metal-ones. The songs aren't about painting soundscapes or anything like that, but they mostly focus on primitive playing and atmosphere. Of course there's some slower playing as well, which is a fairly counterbalances the fast bombardments. The vocalist's rendition is very inhuman croaking and hiss, which faintly reminds me of a band called Xasthur. The sounds are rather cold, as mentioned earlier. This demo is clearly homespun. Even the drums seem programmed.

If you're waiting to hear professional playing on the demo you can skip it right away, but if you have a taste for cold underground bedroom black metal instead of the age-old Dimmu Borgir, the thin this release might be just for you. This demo is being sold in various online stores with a very reasonable price, so support the underground and buy it.

3 / 5