The debut by the grindcore-trio was recorded in 2009, and it was first published as a free download-release. The EP didn't manifest in physical form until 2011, when this small tape-pressing of it came to be.

"This is grindcore in its purest and primitive form" says the tape, and it's surely a fitting description for the seven minutes of destruction. The fuzzy, damp and cellar-like production reveals minute-long bursts of grindcore-violence, with both high shrieks and lower shouts delivering the lyrics (which, sadly, aren't included in the j-card). Although the songs are simple, they have a good amount of catchiness in their rhythms and their constantly hasty pace further allows the songs to deliver their energy charge. There seems to be some death metal-influence in the riffs making them tad heavier and overall less "punk," but this is still purely a grindcore-release, nothing else.

I was surprised how well the musicians handle their instruments, as there's no sloppiness to be heard. The primitive aspect is instead brought up by the hoarse and overall less competent vocal work, which suits the band's aggression and attitude perfectly, as well as through the muddy soundscape. The EP is well played but still raw and live-like, a combination which I've rarely heard to have succeeded this well. There's a downside to it, though; the songs would clearly have potential for greater heights than the soundscape allows them to reach.

The band is still young, but are off to a really promising start. Now they have to further tighten the songs to cut of all the excess fat, even if there isn't a lot of it, and to really think about what kind of a soundscape they want to dress their expression into. The vocalists should work on finding more power in their voices as well, so that they could give a greater contribution to the chaos. All in all: take it all further and add the lyrics to accompany your next release, and you've already achieved a lot. If you really get a kick out of primitive soundscapes, you might want to add an extra point to the grade.

7 / 10