Axeslaughter was formed in 2006, released their debut demo in 2007, and after three years of hibernation the band was resurrected in 2010. They've released two demos now in 2011, this being the earlier one of those two. The demo, which is a rehearsal recording with vocals added afterwards, reveals a lot of its (and the whole band's) nature and influences in its alternative title, "Apocalypticnecrobitchslaughtersburstcommandtillatomicgrave."

The demo opens up with an ominous sample of organ-synths, after which the mid-pace "Ripping..." arrives. Don't be fooled though, as it's just seconds away when the song unleashes its chaotic blasting. The band is clearly influenced by Blasphemy, Nunslaughter and other masters of underground filth and "war metal," and aren't trying to hide it. The songs are short, fast and relentless bursts, but sling out some solos and mid-pace churning as well to retain from becoming a mindless mush. The simplistic chaos is balanced by a few well-chosen samples from old movies.

This demo is clearly for underground death metal enthusiasts only, as it's pretty much as un-trendy as can be - even in the genre of oldschool-worship. The tape is a rehearsal recording, but you can still clearly make out the drum beating, guitars and even the bass pounding. The quartet plays well together and the band seems very honest and authentic in all aspects; the soundscape is very damp but fitting and good enough, the execution is capable and energetic but not too precise and polished, and the hand-drawn cover arts underline how dedicated the band is to their style and craft. Commendable. Only the vocals stand out negatively. They were recorded separately from the music, and thus they ended up having a clearer and louder sound which downgrades the instruments' sounds. The hoarse growls are otherwise pleasing, and suit the music well.

This is clearly not the best the band can do, whether we're talking about the songs, their delivery or the soundscape. It shows an enthusiastic band with a good sense of style and the capabilities to write in-your-face choruses (such as on "Coffin Breath" and "Dungeon of Metal") that stick to one's mind, but this demo is clearly more of a teaser and a promo-bunch of songs than a stand-alone release. Check it out if you're into dusty and murky death metal, and keep the name "Axeslaughter" in your mind as they're bound to craft something notable if they don't stray from their path.

3 / 5