Mucophiliac Narcolepsy is a parallel solo-project of Hippycrack. This is the project's second demo, and I'm glad to say it takes the debut demo's mixture of noisecore-bursts, more traditional noise and lunatic nonsense even further - and does it in a shorter time, too.

The tracks on side A are two to four seconds long bursts of noisecore. The used instruments include a cymbal, a snare, a guitar and a bass guitar, a toy synth and some really muffled vocals. The fleshy bass seems to make some actual bits of riff, but otherwise the songs are a full-on mess. The synths give the songs quite a bit of character and a lightweight feel which balances out the chaos, making the songs form something deeper and more bizarre. A pleasing and surprisingly original-sounding listen, for sure.

The B-side is more bare, with only a guitar, muffled howls and growls, a cymbal and a snare. The songs are overall more traditional than on side A: simply, they're all two-second long bursts of hasty guitar abuse a'la Deche-Charge with blurry nonsense vocals, and they follow each other in a rather steady pace provided by the sole cymbal. It's not a too interesting bunch to listen to due to the steadiness and predictability, but doesn't get to annoy the listener either. More lunacy would've been needed to create an effect, be it either a positive or a negative one. The closing sixth minute presents something different entirely; it consists of cheesy and cheap synth-beats and -notes backing a sped-up sample of someone talking. It's louder than the actual noisecore-part, but otherwise is serves as a bold and fittingly bizarre outro-like, and gives the B-side more meaning and originality.

The tape makes no sense, but it's not meant to either. If the project keeps on producing as quality lunacy as the A-side presents, humouristic or not, I'll surely be obtaining its future releases for my listening pleasure as well. "98 Tracks Demo" is a good purchase due to its compact lenght and bold attitude, but it would've needed to be even more outrageous to leave a permanent scar on its listener.

3 / 5