Greeceís own Witchcurse is somewhat of an oddball when you first sink your teeth into it. The band name pointís the arrow at some nu-retro occult music, but what you really get is high octane NWOBHM with punk vocals, everything very much in the vein of early Iron Maiden.

The band has fierce energy and set the tracks on fire both in the best ways and the worst ways possible. The music itself is straightforward and simple, but the vocals disturb me in a terrifying matter.

Overall the music brings nothing new to the plate, but the energy is really present in the music. Both tracks move forward like a train on coal, sometimes picking up pace and again lagging behind. It even seems like the band looses sync in some sections and the guitars try outrunning the rhythm section until a new part kicks in and the band hits sync again.

The highs and lows are rather much related along the course of these two songs as the punk energy gives the band a nice drive, but the in-your-face punk vocal proclamations gives me shivers in a bad way. The music is unpolished and raw and just the way itís supposed to be and pays the highest form of regard for their paragons. The rest is a matter of opinion.

6Ĺ / 10