At the facade black metal seems like a very narrow and uptight genre, as do the bands, but as often the truth is much more intriguing. As always you will find the sand filled with kitty litter from all the stray cats walking around and black metal is no different with oddballs here and there.

The German group Heimdalls Wacht will strike you as the generic aggressive black metal act you’ve learned to know from the mainstream, but again they are packing more than meets the eye at first glance. First on you start noticing the pagan/folk vibes that are baked into the mix.

While the music goes between the basic clean folk guitar parts and the basic tremolo picking the band hides some spectacular chord progressions within the tremolo giving the music an Majestic feel. After numerous listens melodies start to show them selves and clever compositional tricks. One of the more original ideas is the use of clean vocals that at times reach an power metal feel.

It’s the bands unorthodox mixture of elements that makes you want to listen to Nichorte again and again, specially the epic “Die Bürde der Schande“, and it is actually a pleasure.

8+ / 10