Now following is an ultra heavy clash of titans where the frantic grind takes on the colossal doom. In other words grind band Hävitys has released an limited edition 7” together with the crushing doom outfit Ward.

First off, leaving out the music, the coverart is nothing short of spectacular and overall the product feels great compared to many mp3 driven promo packages. With that said we can leave the extra musical aspect and dive into the abyss with this one-on-one match off.

Hävitys is, as I stated, a frantic grind band, but also carry many death metal influences. The songs are short and stab you before you know what happened. The songs are bulldozed through with aggression and speed, but still after multiple listens leave very few memory traces on me. Grade: 8/10

Wards crushing doom hits me with a brick when it rumbles over like a massive avalanche. The music is heavy and slow, but also features some nice accents and atmospheres. Their slow heaviness truly melts my heart. Grade: 9-/10

While on the technical aspect both bands are quite exquisite and get a strong A+, my personal preference tips the scale for Ward, thus giving them the gold with a thin marginal.

8½ / 10