Reviewing a compilation must be one of the most fucked up things in the world and even more so when itís a record label sampler. The material isnít necessarily coherent and the quality may vary from track to track. My solution is to make these small track by track comments to make a little dive into the bands of Bearsuit Records and see what they have to offer both me and you.

01. Alyosha Get - Little Green Men, Little Green Pills
In just a few words the opener of this sampler or compilation is godawful. Itís some sort of 60ís influenced tree hugging song about green pills and men. The chorus is hell-of-a-catchy and is bound to play in your head much to your nuisance.
2 / 10

02. Rhizottome - Synovie
This second track is maybe one of the strongest ones on this compilation. Itís a strange polyphonic composition reminiscent to some of Steve Reichís works. Itís incredible that the record company has this track on the same compilation as the hippie song of Alyosha Het.
7 / 10

03. Kirameki - Take It or Leave It
Crazy glitch noise thing, sounding like a LP-radio that doesnít keep the stations. Not half bad.
6 / 10

04. whatfunnybirdsdiveintowater - Elephants Across Snowy Mountains
Weíre back in hippie land. My luck this track was short and the punishment subtle.
3 / 10

05. Whizz Kid - Falling out of Trees, Falling Down Hills
While at it, the last song (whatthefuck...something) together with this one gives me strong Frank Zappa vibes. That canít be a bad thing, but the late great maestro was just so much better. I think Iíll stick to the Mother of Invention in the future.
5 / 10

06. Jimmy Rosso - Ripped
Piano. Some noise. Slow strings. Rythm. Yawn. Vocals, not too good vocals though. This track reminds me of the Islandic band Mķm. Yawn again, thank god that was over.
5 / 10

07. Forofo - Hamoose and Pidida
Layers upon layers working together. Not all bad but the lead sound is terrible 80ís plastic.
6 / 10

08. PNDC & Housework - Pilots (feat. Shadowlike)
MTV vibes! This is no good. The track is something from a hit radio station only produced with bad taste. I just wanna go dancing and put my a-game on, yíknow. Too bad I donít do dancing.
4 / 10

09. Taub - Slow Dance
Here we have some electronic music that grows layer by layer, one instrument at the time. We have everything you can expect: low growling synth bass, high pitch signal and even some guitar drenched in effects. Quite enjoyable but not very adventurous.
7 / 10

10. Tidy Kid - Smell
Again we are in the footsteps of Islands own Mķm. There is some 8-bit nintendo action going on some whiny lyrics about selling everything (Except no mentions about sex. Only cats, dogs toys and a soul). The track would be nice if only they had some decent vocals going on.

11. Bunny & The Electric Horsemen / PNDC - Lord of the Idiots
At this stage I start to grasp the concept of Bearsuit Records. A lot of electro acoustic things going on. A bit ethnics and thatís about it. Itís kind of like Electric Ladyland on far less drugs. Bunny and the Electric Horsemen do the same thing, only spice it up with some super irritating vocal samples and angelic choir effects.
3 / 10

12. Magnitophono - To Yourself
Effect drenched glockspiel like instrument hammers a melody accompanied by a speaking female voice. The soundscape bathes in reverb. Sad enough this isnít my cup of tea and Iím still hoping to find something really cool of this compilation.
5 / 10

13. Harold Nono & Hidekazu Wakabayashi - Nobody Plays Baseball Here
Just based upon the performers names I was expecting something exquisite. But you know how it goes when you get your hopes up: You crash down from a 10 storey building. Harold and Hidekazu throw at me some slow ambient action together with a taste of jazzy piano. Thereís also a drumbeat, WOW! Everything rather reminds me of a audial nursery rhyme or bedtime song.
5 / 10

14. Jimmy Rosso - End
Jimmy has got another chance to colour me impressed. Sadly enough the songs name is an omen I hope would be realized. ďRippedĒ worked much better for me and Iím hoping this song would just end when the happy chipmunks start singing.
3 / 10

15. moomLooo - Girl of a Skin Coloured Blanket
Last track and itís time for the money shot. moomLooo is another band name that gives me some hopes of greatness. A slow ambient soundscape starts the show, then some starwars action. Finally the song takes form as a mellow oriental folk tune. As a pure ethno song this track impresses me, but somehow I was wishing for something more original and strange. The atmosphere is nice, yet Iím not feeling any urge to press play again anytime soon.
7 / 10

Overall the electro accoustic material from Bearsuit records feels like a major miss. Only a few track seem to ignite anything at all and the material is very conventional. Save a few sparks of light I mostly just wanted this release to go away.

4Ĺ / 10