As a serene ambient intro quickly changes to the first track the frantic tremolo picking suggests these lads are in it for the kill. Seldom demo recordings sound this ready and able but theis gang of Dutches mean business; Gestalte are on a mission of hate! The musical side to this endeavour is nothing to hang up in your Christmas tree, but the feel and atmosphere are something extraordinary.

Gestalte crumble upon one of the most basic elements in modern music. the vocalist. For sure the vocals are diabolical and angry as hell, but as for many other bands as well, it seems like the vocalist of the band isn’t up to par with the bands playing. Bottom line is that the vocals are a carbon copy of your average black metal screaming growl, also sounding like a case of bad indigestion at times.

It still feels impossible for me to pinpoint the strengths of this band, because on paper they are very much a plain and faded pastiche of the average black metal band. Only I find myself listening to Gestalte over and over again and only in hindsight I notice the energy and the feel that gets you hooked.

The vitality and attitude forces you to listen to these boys over and over again, still doubtful over the “why”.

4 / 5