Noituus is a trio of bass, drums and a voice that was formed in 2005. They have released seven CD-R-demos and over ten splits, but this EP from early 2011 is their first studio-recording. It's available as a free download, as well as a tape-pressing of 60 copies only.

The EP sounded a bit odd at first, since I was used to listening to the band's noisy, chaotic and downright lo-fi rehearsal- and live-recordings. I'm glad to announce that after one gets over this surprising cleanliness, s/he will see that the soundscape is pretty much the only thing that has changed in the band's all-out expression - and the word "cleanliness" applies only when seen by the band's own standards, as it's still pretty muddy.

The songs are mostly under a minute long bursts of simplistic and chaotic crust punk with a pace that exceeds speed limits everywhere. The bass has a distorted sound, which gives the riffs their trademark "messiness." The grainy rumbling makes the EP sound full, and despite its noisiness it manages to make the riffs distinguishable and capable of varying dynamics. The drums are a bit damp to not stand out too much, but the fast beating still sounds sharp and loud enough to keep the songs in motion. The comping is pretty basic and repetitive, but their way fast pace and the large and hissing cymbals gives them a distinctive character. Shortly, they fit the band's primitive and disorderly approach. The vocalist Veikki (who also sings in Tuhkaus) has earned himself some name due to this high and hoarse howling and croaking, and they're clearly at their best when surrounded by a crust punk-tempest. It's a bit of a shame that he doesn't do any growls anymore, but focusing on the high howls makes the music more merciless.

The visual side is as primitive as is the music, but at least the cover should give a good hint of what the record's about. The lyrics have some humour in them to keep from becoming too preachy. Nonetheless, their verses about war, poverty, destruction of nature, the government and lighter irritants are still far from a joke.

The songs are mostly based on verse/chorus/verse/chorus-pattern, and are certainly not inventing anything new - more on the contrary. The songs are distinctive from each other, and have some mere seconds long slower bits which help the EP in retaining its structure and overall sense. The songs are regressive and right on the brink of falling apart, but the overall feel, simple choruses and the band's relentless attitude make them sound just right. There are quite a few samples scattered in between the songs, and even though I think that the ones made with Microsoft Sam (or something similar) suck, they're well brief enough to keep from becoming irritating.

The band is currently planning a 7"-release, and I'm rather excited to hear it when it (hopefully) gets released. "Mögäten Maailmanloppuun" is not perfect, a part of which is a cause of the damp-ish soundscape and the lack of texture that comes with it, but it's still solid and overall pretty damn good. Buy or download it, and dive deep in hostile chaos.

8- / 10