Musta Oksennus ("Black Vomit") is a rather young Finnish noisecore-band (a duo?), and this is their debut demo of traditional lo-fi smashing.

The primitive violence is served as noisy bursts of guitar, vocals and drums. The guitars are harsh and grainy, and the pauses between the irregular bursts of noise are filled with guitar and/or microphone feedback. The drums are lo-fi and the cymbals very hissing, so the overall soundscape is shrieking descant. The occasional vocal growls and the guitars' roughness make it more balanced, so despite the narrow compass, the end result doesn't end up sounding flat at all.

The demo's put together from various different sessions, three or so in total. For the most part they differ from each other very little; they're similar bursts of lo-fi noise with occasional growled shouts, doused in shrill feedback. Only the last part differs from the rest; the noises are served in longer bits, the vocals are harsher and less audible shouts, and the session overall sounds more improvised, experimental and "jamming" on the guitars' part.

I understood that this lengthy last bit features the group's first works as a full band, whereas the previous recording sessions were done solo by the band's founder. I really fancied the solo-recordings' primitive approach and hostile feel, and adding the clumsier and less violent-sounding group-recordings to follow them lowers the demo's quality a lot. They would've been an ok-quality bonus for the tape's B-side, but when served like this I can only say I would've been better without them.

I hope the group's later works can capture the essence of this demo's solo-works, as the later recordings crave for some primal power.

3 / 5