Cut To Fit is a grindcore-group that begun its career of audio terror in 2008, and they've released a total seven short releases to date (october of 2011). This particular release, however, doesn't hold any grindcore; it's a full-on sludge record. The band itself has described it as a kind-of B-side to their EP Babylon Burns.

This 30-minuter is a rehearsal jamming session with guitar and drums, the vocals having been added afterwards. It's one continuous take with no breaks, but it's been broken into seven parts for easier digestion. As the recordings were held at the band's rehearsal place, the sound is raw; the guitar has a nicely sturdy but very harsh sound, and all of the drum beats are easily distinguishable but don't have a lot of force in them. I guess that the band was lucky, as the sounds work really well. Similarly to the band's other EPs, you don't even begin to miss the presence of a bass guitar.

The songs don't sound as improvised as one could expect, even though their transitions reveal that they've been played in one continuous session. The guitar delivers slow-paced and primitive churning with pretty much no attempt towards groove, but the lively drum work takes care that the songs stay in continuous motion and don't begin to sound flaccid. The harsh soundscape and occasional errors in the guitars make the songs interesting despite their simplisticity. The vocals come as harsh shouts, occasional growls and a couple of samples. As they were recorded after the guitar and drums, it means that they're actually arranged and thus help the songs to sound like actual songs instead of clips from a bigger composition. They give the songs a big deal of their misanthropic and hostile feel as well.

The visual side is nothing but a disappointment. The minimalistic approach would work if it was done better, such as on the band's "Hiljaisuus..."-EP, but as-is it's plain dull and amateurish. Luckily the lyrics (which come printed on a separate A4) are a lot more rewarding. They're filled with anger, disappointment and disdain due to and towards the modern world and our globe's current state. They have a point, and they fit the music.

This EP is a lot better than I had expected based on its starting points. If you're into raw and primitive sludge, you might want to check this one out. I can't give it a higher grade due to some sloppiness in the guitar delivery and overall song progression, but even with these things noted, the EP has clearly been put together with effort and is a worthy listen. Especially the closing song delivers a good dose of raw power and atmosphere - it even got me hoping for Cut To Fit to record an another EP in the same fashion.

7 / 10