Horros is a Finnish crust punk-group. It was formed in '08, and has released one EP and one demo prior to their first 7"-release. This untitled vinyl-EP comes with a download-code.

The A-side holds three tunes, two minutes each. These songs are traditional brisk-paced crust punk songs, nothing more, nothing less. They have some influence from oldschool Florida-based death metal in their sound and their brief guitar solos, but other than that they're very loyal to crust-ethics. The band has their own touch, though, and having two vocalists (one with gruff, almost death metal-like growls and one with sharper screams) brings an additional dose of personality to them. The songs' capable delivery and amount of relentless attitude make the songs really pleasing, even when they're not groundbreaking.

The B-side holds just one tune that's five minutes long. It builds up to a fast-paced facebreaking tune similar to the ones on side A. It's not merely "more of the same," though, as just after a couple of minutes it slows down and puts a clean guitar in the lead. There's some guitar distortion in the background to keep this gloomy atmosphere from becoming too soft or cliché, and overall the song's a success. It has style, atmosphere and sheer power, and the opening of the cleaner part is bound to make an impact if you actually focus on it. The distorted guitars make a comeback after a while to make the atmosphere more overwhelming, and despite these changes the song doesn't sound like a senseless patchwork.

The packing is somewhat minimalistic, but unquestionably stylish. The colourful cover art shows riot police and holds the basic infos on the back of it, and a separate black&white A5-slip holds the lyrics and few live pictures. The lyrics aren't too deep or teeth-grinding serious; they just focus on painting their images of desperation in a world under governmental manipulation, both before and after a nuclear disaster. Such lyrics fit the gruff vocal delivery well.

Shortly said, this vinyl-slab presents traditional crust with love and effort to the craft. The songs are simple but tasteful and effective, and they carry a fittingly rough but dynamic soundscape and a lot of attitude. I've been waiting for a new Horros-release since '09, and I was not disappointed. I'm waiting to hear even more boldness, originality and sheer attitude from the band. As of the basis of their expression, I have no complaints.

8½ / 10