MC-COWBOY (or "MCCB") is a new harsh noise project from Finland, and this is its debut release. It comes as a DIY tape-pressing of mere 20 numbered copies, with home-printed artwork. The tapes are too lengthy for the songs, but if you can handle a bit of rewinding it shouldn't be a huge problem.

Both sides of the tape hold ten minutes' worth of primitive harsh noise wall. The songs have a harsh and irregular backing pulse, most likely provided by a downtuned guitar or a bass guitar. This pulse is covered in harsh and throbbing distortion that continuously breaks due to the lo-fi recording equipment. The backing bassiness occasionally turns into more droning spheres and there are some samples and shouted vocals here and there buried in the noise, but otherwise the fast-paced harsh noise wall is served as-is. Primal and wrathful distortion.

The songs don't really differ that much from each other. The one on A-side is more basic, rhythmic and a bit heavier, whereas "No Compromise Fucker" focuses more on freely flowing and sharp high-pitch distortion and a less rhythm-heavy approach. Both of the songs share the same overall soundscape and feel, which allows them to explore their possibilities while still coming together to form a solid release.

If you're into harsh noise wall and aren't going for the utmost amount of violence and abrasive edges, this might be for you. It's not ast dedicated or original-sounding as it could be, that's for sure, but the 20 minutes of slightly droning harsh noise it holds is of good quality. The way of manipulating the higher-pitch signals shows the artist's will to experiment, so I'd guess one can expect more distinctive and daring material from him in the future. As of now, MCCB can be described as good but rather basic harsh noise.

7+ / 10