A shitstorm of curveball riffs are coming at you. Quick picking and odd scale progressions.
Oh yes, this is progressive metal! When the music is also accompanied by high pitch vocals we can throw some ĒPowerĒ into the mix, but donít start hating yet since these Italian guys do one hell-of-a-decent job at it.

Memento Waltz efficiently avoids all and any basic song structures, thus making the tracks difficult to recognize or remember. The lack of any pop-sensibility and the added finger workouts create layers to the music craving all concentration when listening.

Given the genre, the songs are kept rather compact at a span from 5 to 8 minutes. Itís nice to have a progressive power metal troupe holding the reins a bit more than some contemporaries loving those 10 minute+ songs.

On CD all the elements have carefully been placed upon their respective places in perfect sync and harmony. Itís hard to say if itís studio tricks or just an airtight unit playing their hearts out.
Studio trickery or not, once you listen through the material enough it starts to grow on you.

Waiting for a full length effort from these boys might just be worth the wait.

8- / 10