During a late night in a local bar, a young lad walked up to me with a homebrew CD-r. The fellow seemed passionate enough about his product for me to dig out my last coins and making a purchase.
Maze of Roots.

Fuck, add the silly name to the coverart and I am scared shitless of what I’ll hear.
The looks of the CD-r makes you think of some half-baked goth whining.
Lucky me we dodged that bullet, as the music is everything but goth and whining and I am treated to healthy dose of muddy down tuned doom. The sounds are straight from the basement, but that doesn’t effect the killer groove these boys have going on. Song structures are rather basic with the mandatory mellow intersections before hitting distortion again.
To my plesant suprise there are a few sidesteps like the “polka-section” with the funeral organ in “They came from below”.

Maze of Roots could actually be a very enjoyable band if they would assign a real singer to do the vocals instead of this horrible display of punishing vocal chords. “As loud as I can without my voice breaking” is not a good vocal technique even though the Prince of Darkness utilizes the same.
The songs are well composed and varying, even if they follow clichés, but they carry through their noticeable length. Still we might need a bit more variation to the monotones even though this is Doom.

Not a bad one man project.

3+ / 5