What can you really expect on a band by only judging outer musical details?
What does the band name tell you? How about the promotional pictures? Or even the album title?

In this case the coverart and band name remind me of some extreme aggressive black metal, the raw and violent kind. Everything makes me expect screams from the underworld and fast tremolo picking on the guitars. Last and least I would expect a band like this to harvest the lo-fi sound of the basement. DIY all the way with room reverb to fill an empty haunted house.

So where do I stand when I press play?
The music is ultra aggressive black metal. Raw and violent, with the extremely raw vocals. Fast tremolo picking like the old-school black metal bands taught us. The music is vicious just like a plague, but what the hell? The sounds are quite decent!

The music flows on like a tidal wave over small pacific islands without opposition, but like the wave the result doesn’t differ much from its contemporaries. The crushing aggression has been heard before and the melodies don’t sound exceptional.
Listening to Nachzehrer isn’t like moving along déjà vu feelings but they still lack individuality among a group of like minded bands.

6½ / 10